Car Odor Removal

Full Service Car Odor Removal and Ozone Treatment

​Over time all cars build up offensive odors due to regular use. It may be due to the spillage of food or beverages, smoking, vomit, pets, gasoline, or the mold that has been secretly growing inside your car. This not only makes your car stench but could also cause respiratory problems like cough and cold and trigger asthma attacks. You can try shampooing the interior of your car, but it won’t make any difference as the odor is deeply saturated in your car’s upholstery, floor, and ceiling. But you have absolutely nothing to worry about as we’ve got you covered with our safe and effective Ozone treatment, which eliminates the odor completely rather than masking or filtering it.

We begin with cleaning the interior of your car thoroughly, then place an Ozone Generator inside your car that converts the old oxygen into the odorless Ozone (o_3) gas through high-voltage electricity. Ozone penetrates deeply into your car’s seats, floor, ceiling, vents, and even the unreachable corners underneath your seat to kill the bad odor and create a pleasant and breathable space for you. It also kills off any bacteria or viruses and sterilizes your car. Our experts at Lake Mobile Detailing make sure that the root cause of any smell is also taken care of before we return your car, so it does not happen to you again.

The estimated time of Ozone treatment varies based on the condition of your vehicle; it can take as little as 20 minutes or require a full one hour. So forget about temporary solutions, aka air fresheners, and enhance the quality of your life by choosing our mobile car detailing services; we bet you won’t regret it.

Our Ozone treatment is the best in town, and is a popular add-on service with upholstery cleaning.

odor removal using an ozone treatment
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