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Our Quality Interior Car Detailing in Fayetteville

Upholstery Cleaning

​Keeping your car clean can be challenging. You may get your exterior detailing done every once in a while, but it’s the interior that needs most attention. From upholstery to cabin, every nook and cranny accumulates dirt and gets grimy sooner than you expect. Unlike any other mobile car detailing service, we spend as much time and effort on the interior cleaning as on the exterior cleaning.

Vacuuming and Steam Cleaning

The fabric of your car gets beaten up over time, and the dirt makes it way to the areas where you can’t possibly reach. While you can use the harsh chemicals to try and remove the stubborn stains on your upholstery, and the old school “bucket and brush” method but it will only do more damage. So, let us take care of your car for you.

We stay up to date and use the latest detailing practices. Our advance and efficient vacuuming and steam cleaning service removes all the stubborn stains and grease from your car’s upholstery and gives you back your new car look.

We first vacuum the interior of the car including the upholstery, carpets, buttons, knobs, and dashboard to remove any loose dirt, so steam cleaning can be effective. After that, we use the heavy-duty steam cleaner with the right attachments for different surfaces to give you amazing and cleanest results.

For the floor mats and the carpeted surfaces of your car, we use the bristled triangular attachment with the steam cleaner to eradicate any deeply rooted dust. For the leather seats, windows, and delicate surfaces, we replace the bristled attachment with a soft microfiber cloth to avoid any scratches. Finally, for the vents and grills, the high-pressure stream is directly blown, which also helps kill the odor.

Our vacuuming and steam cleaning service is not only effective, but also safer and affordable. So contact us today, because our mobile car detailing services in greater Fayetteville are the solution to all your cleaning needs.

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    Leather and Dashboard Treatment

    When the dirt starts to accumulate inside your vehicle and the console is getting stickier, you know it’s about time to get the interior detailing done. The inside of modern vehicles is complicated and made up of different materials; it takes experts like us to know how to detail and what products to use.

    Using your car regularly without cleaning it can cause the germs to grow inside, and exposure from the sun initiates the wear and tear. This can cause your car to look older than its real age. At Lake Mobile Detailing in Fayetteville, we use the best of products to clean the interior of your vehicle and make it look like it has just arrived from the factory.

    We start with using the vacuum to collect larger pieces of dirt and debris from the dashboard and to clean the vents. After vacuuming, we use a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution to clean the dashboard. We use different cleaning solutions for different materials of the dashboard. For a leather dashboard, we use a non-alkaline cleaning solution. For a dashboard made up of plastic or vinyl, we use a moderate cleaning solution. Similarly, we clean the steering and console by being mindful of the kind of material they are made up of. After the cleaning, we polish the dashboard of your vehicle, which not only prevents it from wear and tear but also acts as a dust repellant. Finally, we treat the dashboard and console with the protectant that contains UV sunscreen, and gives the interior of your vehicle a matte finish.

    To keep your car from fading and cracking, and looking older than its real age book our mobile auto detailing services today. Our services come with customization, add-ons and upgrade options to satisfy the detailing needs of your vehicle.

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