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Why is headlight restoration needed? How is it done?

Headlights become cloudy and yellow over time due to oxidation, which not only makes them look ugly but also reduces the visibility and increases the risk of your safety. It’s necessary to completely eliminate the oxidation and keep the headlights clean to keep you and your ride safe.

Our professionals at Lake Mobile Detailing recognize the importance of full functioning headlights. While replacing your old, worn-out headlights could cost you a lot, our economical and efficient headlight restoration service can restore the headlights of your vehicle to as good as new condition. All our headlight restorations go through the extensive sanding and polishing processes to ensure quality results and come with a warranty.

We prep your car first by giving it a good wash. Once it has completely air-dried, we seal the headlights with the tape so the rough sanding does not destroy the surrounding paintwork. Now, to remove the damaged old coating of headlights, we use different grits of sandpaper. We start with the grit of sandpaper as low as 400 or as high as 1000 depending upon the condition of the headlights and then work our way up until we see a smooth and even result over the entire headlight. Next, the headlights are cleaned again and dried off with a microfiber towel. The newly sanded headlights are then polished in multiple stages and topped off with a coat of wax. This not only ensures protection but also restores the new-look of the headlights and gives them a brilliant shine. Finally, a layer of UV sealant is also added, to prevent the headlights from clouding anytime soon again.

Our headlight restoration service not only increases your resale value but also your safety. If you want to know more about how we can repair the headlights of your vehicle, contact us today.

mobile car washer completing headlight restoration
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