Exterior Mobile Car Detailing

Exterior Mobile Car Detailing Services in Fayetteville

​The exterior of your car makes the first impression. If your car has dents, scratches, cracked paint, clouded headlights, or anything that hinders your car’s natural gloss and beauty, you can find comfort in knowing that Lake Mobile Detailing in Fayetteville has you covered with a plentitude of products and services for every exterior surface. From clay bar procedures to coatings, we offer extensive detailing services.

Tar from the road, air pollutants, and water pollutants, these are some common contaminants that can destroy your vehicle. They build up over time and infiltrate the paint, metal, and glass; and a quick wash with regular car soap won’t be just enough to take them out. At Lake Mobile Detailing, we use a decontaminate soap and thoroughly wash your car with the microfiber wash mitt to remove the surface contaminants.

After washing and letting your car air dry, we apply our clay bar and water spot removal treatments to strip of any bonded contaminants.

Clay Bar Treatment

Our clay bar treatment is gentle and does absolutely no damage to the paintwork. We use the high-quality clay bar and lubricant to carry out the treatment and later use the microfiber towel to buff off any possible residue.

Water Spot Removal

​The clay barring is followed by our water spot removal service to give a tremendous improvement on the surface’s finish and feel. We use the efficient, non-toxic, and non-abrasive water spot remover that does no damage to your paintwork in the cleaning process. It permanently removes the stuck-on water stains from the paint and glass in only a few seconds and restores the glass-smooth feeling on the glassy surfaces. After the treatments, we protect the paintwork by applying the wax or sealant, whichever protection you prefer.

If you want to give your vehicle a showroom shine and startle people as you drive by Fayetteville, then book your mobile auto detailing service with us today!

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