Car Wax and Paint Sealant

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Protection is a vital step in auto detailing. It’s crucial to layer the paintwork with the protectants like sealants and wax to protect the vehicle from harsh contaminants and UV rays.

Paint Sealant

If you drive your car every day or intend to keep your vehicle for a few good years, then you must add our paint sealant service to your checklist. A paint sealant forms a polymer protection layer and increases the surface tolerance to heat, UV rays, and environmental hazardous elements.

At Lake Mobile Detailing in Fayetteville, our trained professionals use the classic three-step process to guarantee good-quality results.

  • Prepping

We give your car a thorough wash before applying the paint sealant to remove any dirt or contaminants.

  • Application of paint sealant

After prepping your car, we apply the high-quality paint sealant with our hands using a microfiber applicator sponge, so we can get to every nook and cranny.

  • Buffing

Finally, we use a microfiber towel to buff any residue of the paint surface.

Our paint sealant service gives your car a shiny and glass-like appearance and prevents the dirt from sticking. It’s also durable and can last up to 6 months, unlike most of the paint sealant services.

Car Wax

Top the paint sealant with wax if you’re looking for long-lasting paint protection and a shiny finish. By not waxing your car, you’re giving the contaminants a good chance to damage the clear coat and expose the paint below.

While most of the detailing services offer a thin-coat application of wax, which only lasts up to few weeks, our high-quality wax can keep the paint finish on your vehicle looking almost new for years with only twice its application during a year. It enhances the paint color and gives a brilliant gloss, without leaving behind any residue or white stains.

If you want to dazzle people with the shine on your vehicle, and preserve the paint quality and the resale value of your vehicle then don’t wait up, and schedule your Fayetteville mobile car detailing with us today!

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