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Welcome to Fayetteville’s first-rate mobile car wash and detailing service, where customer satisfaction is the driving force of this locally owned business.

Lake Mobile Detailing’s vision is to exceed customer expectations. Utilizing the latest equipment, our trained technicians leave your vehicle spotless. We specialize in exterior detailing, clay bar treatment, waxing, headlight restoration, leather and dashboard treatment, and a number of other car detailing services. Lake Mobile Detailing provides you with the highest level of service at fair prices, so you always choose us for your mobile car cleaning and auto detailing needs. We proudly serve the whole of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Give us a call to immediately book your detailing or scroll down to learn more about our services.

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    Mobile Auto Detailing Services

    Until its Lake Mobile Detailed, your car isn’t detailed. We offer a variety of affordable car detailing packages. Whichever package you choose, we bet it’ll fit your budget. So pick up your phone today, and call us for a free estimate. You will not be disappointed!

    Exterior Detailing

    The exterior of your car makes the first impression. If your car has dents, scratches, cracked paint, clouded headlights, or anything that hinders your car’s natural gloss and beauty, you can find comfort in knowing that Lake Mobile Detailing in Fayetteville has you covered with a plentitude of products for every exterior surface. From clay bar procedures to coatings, we offer extensive mobile car detailing services.

    Our mobile car wash experts at Lake Mobile Detailing pay attention to every detail, especially on grills and tires, and make sure your car looks dazzling from all the angles.

    car with it's exterior being washed
    clay bar treatment by mobile car detailers

    Clay Bar Treatment

    Tar from the road, air pollutants, and water pollutants, these are some common contaminants that can destroy your vehicle. They build up over time and infiltrate the paint, metal, and glass: and a good wash won’t be just enough to take them out.

    Book us today for the clay bar treatment of your car, and thoroughly cleanse your exterior. Our clay bar treatment is gentle and does absolutely no damage to the paintwork. We use the high-quality clay bar and lubricant to carry out the treatment and later use the microfiber cloth to buff off any possible residue. After the treatment, we protect the paintwork by applying the wax or sealant, whichever protection you prefer.

    Water Spot Removal

    If water spots are not taken care of right away, they will etch the surface of your otherwise perfectly polished vehicle. At Lake Mobile Detailing, we use the efficient, non-toxic, and non-abrasive water spot remover that does no damage to your paintwork in the cleaning process. It permanently removes the stuck-on water stains from the paint and glass in only a few seconds and restores the glass-smooth feeling on the glassy surfaces.

    Take care of the small problem before it becomes a big deal by booking our mobile auto detailing service in greater Fayetteville.

    detailer removing water spots from car paint
    mobile detailer applying wax treatment to the paint

    Paint Sealant

    Protection is a vital step in auto detailing. It’s crucial to layer the paintwork with the protectants like sealants and wax to protect the vehicle from harsh contaminants and UV rays.

    At Lake Mobile Detailing, our trained professionals use the classic three-step process; prepping the vehicle, application of paint sealant, and buffing to guarantee good-quality results. Our paint sealant service gives your car a shiny and glass-like appearance and prevents the dirt from sticking. It’s also durable and can last up to 6 months, unlike most of the paint sealant services.

    Preserve the paint quality and the resale value of your vehicle by choosing our mobile car detailing services. 


    Top our paint sealant service with wax if you’re looking for long-lasting paint protection and a shiny finish. By not waxing your car, you’re giving the contaminants a good chance to damage the clear coat and expose the paint below.

    While most of the detailing services offer a thin-coat application of wax, which only lasts up to few weeks, our high-quality wax can keep the paint finish on your vehicle looking almost new for years with only twice its application during a year. It enhances the paint color and gives a brilliant gloss, without leaving behind any residue or white stains.

    If you want to dazzle people with the shine on your vehicle, schedule your mobile car wash with us.

    mobile car detailer polishing the side door
    mobile car washer completing headlight restoration

    Headlight Restoration

    Headlights become cloudy and yellow over time due to oxidation, which reduces their visibility. It’s necessary to eliminate the oxidation and keep them clear to keep you and your ride safe.

    Replacing your old, worn-out headlights could cost you a lot, but our economical headlight restoration service can restore your headlights to as good as new condition. All our headlight restorations go through 5-step sanding and 3-step polishing process to ensure quality results and come with a warranty. Not only it increases your resale value but also your safety.

    Vacuuming and Steam Cleaning

    You can never be too careful with the interior of your car. The fabric gets beaten up over time, and the dirt makes it way to the areas where you can’t possibly reach. While you can use the harsh chemicals to try and remove the stubborn stains on your upholstery, and the old school “bucket and brush” method but it will only do more damage. So, let us take care of your car for you.

    We stay up to date and use the latest detailing practices.  We first vacuum the dirt off the knobs, buttons, and dashboard. After which we use our powerful steam cleaner to get to difficult to reach places inside your car, and to clean the grease and hard stains on the fabric of your car without damaging it. We also clean the engine compartments, engine parts and get rid of the brake dust using the steam cleaner.

    Aside from being effective, our steam cleaning is also safer and affordable.

    Fayetteville detailer steam cleaning rear car seats
    odor removal using an ozone treatment

    Odor Removal / Ozone Treatment

    Over time all cars build up offensive odors due to regular use. This may be due to the spillage of food or beverages, smoking, vomit, or gasoline. But you have absolutely nothing to worry about as we’ve got you covered with our safe and effective Ozone treatment. After cleaning your car thoroughly from inside, we place an Ozone Generator inside your car that converts the old oxygen into ozone gas. Ozone penetrates deeply into your car’s seats, floor, and even the unreachable corners underneath your seat to kill the bad odor and create a pleasant and breathable space for you. So forget about temporary solutions, aka air fresheners, and contact us to get the best of Ozone treatment in town.

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Keeping your car clean can be challenging. You may get your exterior detailing done every once in a while, but it’s the interior that needs most attention. From upholstery to cabin, every nook and cranny accumulates dirt and gets grimy sooner than you expect. Unlike any other mobile car detailing service, we spend as much time and effort on the interior cleaning as on the exterior cleaning. At Lake Mobile Detailing in Fayetteville, we use the best of tools and products to give you amazing and cleanest results. We can remove any type of stain or dirt from your car’s upholstery and give you back your new car look.

    mobile detailer vacuuming the auto interior
    mobile car washer wiping down the dashboard

    Leather and Dashboard Treatments

    The interior of modern vehicles is complicated; it takes an expert to know what to detail and how to do it. The leather surfaces of your car and dashboard take the most damage from sun exposure. Regular treatment is necessary from experts like us to avoid the wear and tear.

    During your mobile car cleaning we use the best of the detailing products which contain protective UV sunscreens, to clean the interior. They will keep the interior of your car from fading and cracking. They also act as dust repellants, which means they will still protect the interior of your car after we’ve finished working on it.


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